Monday, October 22, 2007

One fine day....on Whitefield - ITPL Road

This incident, happened sometime during the course of the last fortnight, stood out in my mind :

On a busy road in Whitefield leading to ITPL, a Honda Civic bangs into a Hondo City ahead of it.

The lady driver of the Honda City gets out of the car, charges aggressively towards the male driver of the Civic. By this time, the guy is also out of his car and trying to mumble some apology to the crowd gathered around. The lady, apparently in no mood to listen, goes up to him and catches his shirt collar!

There is an eerie silence amongst the crowd of onlookers, each wondering how nasty it is going to get now and going over the next few seconds in one’s mind.

Before we know it, the lady dishes out her cell phone, takes it close to the guy’s face and clicks his picture using her camera phone. All this while, still clutching his shirt collar with her other hand.

Done with her picture, she lets go of his collar, walks up to the rear of his car, takes another picture of the number plate of the Civic and walks back to the guy. Again catches hold of his shirt collar and drags him to the police constable who has just arrived on the scene.

Smart attitude and good presence of mind?!

Perhaps even dispensation of justice should go the high tech way!!

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