Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"Walk the trodden path, that's what we all did, so follow it".
Why is it that if one aspires for something to be more than perfunctory, it is branded something else?

It does not matter, does it, if one is educated or uneducated? Or perhaps the goal of education is just to earn us bachelor/master degrees and get a job? Earn our bread and butter, not to mention the cheese, jam, pickle and sauce as well… :( This is how it happens and this shall be IT!

Useless to even strive to let education open one‘s mind and look at things in a lateral or pragmatic fashion. The ‘old stone-age’ customs cannot be brushed away in one simple stroke, huh ? And the values one holds on to are quietly buried somewhere in the midst of the resultant chaos.

Who cares ? Just smother it, my dear!
The purpose of education is to manufacture brains which think in a similar way, the way society wants: not to foster independent thought processes or beliefs. After all, would (can) such independent thought processes or beliefs stand against time tested practices and beliefs ?

In the midst of all this, one sits- frustrated, confused, bemused and irritated with one thought ringing aloud :
It’s better to be a cow than be someone with a mind of your own.

Life is perfunctory.
If you want anything more, go to Utopia!

PS : Holy Cow! Donkeys are way better, actually......