Saturday, May 31, 2008

The year of the Lotus has just begun in Karnataka.
The southern bastion has been broken into....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hate and anger gives you the unrestricted license to assume, presume and imagine all sorts of non-existent contortions to reality.

And guess what, all the contortions and unreal things also begin to take a 'real' facade! :(

It takes maturity of mind and a subsumation of one's ego to take the first step forward.

But then, why the hell should you take the first step ?

This is why the conflict deepens and never reaches a mutually amicable solution.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"very morose and depressed"
Don't think too much!
"My thoughts are killing me!"
That, my dear, is always a power struggle - between you and your thoughts.
Who is the master and who is the slave ? Sometimes, the master himself is enslaved and overpowered in strange, unconceived thoughts.
"Let go of the overpowering nature of the thought, put it in 'hibernate' mode and believe in the dumbness of your actions, at times. Period."

In all humility, that's the sanest thing you could ever do.


You often go back to a time (or many!) when you were dumb, stupid and ignored the writing on the wall (but, who wrote it? Which wall is this?!) Refused to trust your sixth sense and chose to believe in the ephemeral comfort of the big words spoken. Words which were shallow and devoid of any promise or hope but you chose to believe them, foolishly or wisely. Perhaps a fleeting thought to the slippery path, but no, how could that happen ? Finally, it was your choice - to be dumb and stupid and not trust your instincts. And you paid the price for it.
Instinct is a powerful factor in determining the road you take in your life.
Play the game by instinct!


When you cannot empathise or understand, why sympathise ?
I am what I am and what I choose to be.
I don't want your sympathy!

Friday, May 02, 2008

My Century ;)

A 100 + posts!
And still batting at 103 not out.
Preparing for the long haul- some sadly played dot balls, some quickies (think straight, people!), few smashing fours and a thundering six...few and far between.. perhaps it has it all.

On a serious note, I finally discovered how much I love writing - just for the sheer joy and pleasure of it.

Ridiculous, absurd and more...

In an excerpt of an interview of Sir Salman Rushdie reported in the Hindustan Times :
On marriage...
"Girls like it, especially if they've never been married before -- it's the dress. Girls, want a wedding, they don't want a marriage. If only you could have weddings without marriages."

So, according to Mr. Rushdie, women rushed to the altar only because they wanted to wear a "wedding dress".

What on earth does he mean to say ? If he wants to take potshots at one particular woman, let him do that. Why make such a sweeping generalisation on womankind?

This stinks of an outright sexist, biased and chauvinistic attitude and at so many levels...

Its as ridiculous as saying men just want to drink beer, watch TV and have sex.

Absolutely disgusting and repulsive.....

Thursday, May 01, 2008

'Frisky' seal!

The Sunday Times of India had an interesting news item covered today and its headline ran : 'Frisky' seal tries to rape a penguin".

Some interesting parts thereof are reproduced herein :

"The incident, which was caught on tape, is the first reported case of a mammal trying to have sex with a member of another class of vertebrate, such as a bird, fish, reptile or amphibian. "

And the seal's modus operandi, though not a m0del of success to follow (other amorous seals to particularly note!):

"First, the 15-and-a-half stone seal subdued the 2-and-a-half stone penguin by lying on it, which made the penguin flap its flippers while it tried in vain to stand and escape. The seal alternated between resting on the penguin and thrusting its pelvis, trying to insert itself, but the bird played hard to get and the seal gave up. "At first glimpse, we thought the seal was killing the penguin. Marion Island is the only place where Antarctic fur seals are known to hunt king penguins on land, so the idea that the seal was trying to eat the object of its attention made sense. But then we realised that the seal's intentions were rather more amorous," The Sun quoted. Nico de Bruyn, of the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, as saying. According to the team who recorded the event, the seal was young, frustrated and sexually inexperienced and thus was unable to find another seal for sex."

"Young, frustrated and sexually inexperienced" - I almost feel sorry for the poor seal!
When it comes to animal instincts, well, what can one say! :)

ramblings on may day

Today, May 1st - Labour day/May Day/International Worker’s Day , is not a holiday for our office ( a law firm).
So whats the big deal?
Personally speaking, it does not make a difference to me.

From another angle, my boss says we (lawyers) are not labourers but professionals! Hence even the concept and the holiday is not applicable to us.

How are labourers different from professionals? At the end of the day, individuals work – whether for a living or for a pastime or whatever other reason- and they invariably end up doing what gives them the immediate opportunity to work and make a decent amount of money to take care of themselves and their family and extended needs.
The ‘being good at one’s job” is again due to lot of factors like attitude, adequate training, supervision, continuous learning and improvement. So, to me, there is no big difference between say, a house maid, road sweeper, a construction worker, tailor, lawyer, banker, doctor et al. (I am overlooking the skill vs. unskilled part but that would mean entering another domain altogether). Why then can’t we view labourers also as professionals ?

Its like the difference between socialism and capitalism. I dont recollect who said it but I have heard it from my dad :
In capitalism, man exploits man. And in Socialism, its the other way round!
The quote has a Shaw-esque sound to it and could be G.B.Shaw, for all you know. But a google search mentioned JK Galbraith and also that it is a Polish proverb!