Friday, February 29, 2008

Whats the best thing about a leap year ?
Once in 4 years, you work an extra day for the same pay!
Very enlightening. Thank you!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life is so funny.
Just when I am at peace moving with the calm and placid waters, there comes a ripple.... unsettling the 'stillness' I have seemingly settled into;
I feel neither happiness nor any overwhelming joy.
Maybe, it's just being pulled by the currents ?
Once upon a time, this would have elicited a better, excited response. Now, its not meaningless but then its not my only source of joy or excitement.
Another stark reminder of how change is truly the one constant in life.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Opposite of Love ?

In the midst of discussing about love and life with a friend, I wonder what is the opposite of love ? Not hate, though that’s what would be the preferred antonym listed in many dictionaries.

In reality, I suppose it would have to be indifference.

You can spot it if someone is indifferent to your presence, speech, action et al…. being unresponsive to the person, laced with apathy and a lackadaisical approach.

Are you indifferent ? Yes and no perhaps. In some ways. In many ways. Sometimes. At times. Always. Depends on how one perceives it.

And then you look back and feel… for what you were indifferent about? And why you were like that ?

Dig a little deeper and there you stumble on it - - you did not want to get hurt. This was your insulation. Your protection mechanism. You draw a line around yourself and that line shall not be crossed. You stick to it with all the adamancy innate in you.

Does that make you cold and heartless, insensitive to your family and friends?

They care about you and love you.

But what about you ? Do you love them?

Do you even care about the effect your words and actions have on them? Or it is just something you take for granted ?

Its just the way you are and they better accept you for what you are. Its too much of an effort to change yourself.

Its better, is n’t it, to not think deeply about such things… How does it matter ?

Does it even matter ?

To you, to them, to anybody ?

Its too depressing to think.

PS : 'Generally' has lost its relevance ‘cos that’s the feeling generally!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


"He is close to us, but we are far from him. If you would be perfect, seek the whole, choose the whole, be the whole"

This sums up the Hoopoe's message to the entire avian fraternity which sought her guidance on the spiritual path.

- Birds of Rishi Valley and Renewal of their Habitats, S. Rangaswami and S. Sridhar.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

go for it, babe!

15 minutes

Speed 6.00

Incline of 3

And that brought the magic number of 100!!! :))

and now, yeh dil maange more! :(