Sunday, November 25, 2007

Like the cotton wick of an oil lamp,
drawing out the oil from every nook,
every corner of the lamp;
wherever the traces remain- untapped and hidden,
To keep the fire glowing.

The oil is getting over and the light,
once glowing, is still burning bright.

Its just a matter of time, who can say, for sure ?

It flickers in the wind, almost about to die off,
And then, almost inexplicably,
it comes back to life; glowing a dull fiery yellow,
refusing to fade out into the darkness;

Not as bright as before,
But a lamp's a lamp so long as it has the fire
and the oil to keep it burning.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Blues

For the Blues in all of us!

Some have it..a little bit more!

Soon, change shall usher in!

But then, the more things change, the more they remain the same!

PS : I know what you are thinking... blue is still blue - not sky blue! I concur 100% dear.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Saucy Sardonix! Uff! Too much!

Get the blog going buddy.... competition always helps!

PS : The ironies of life never cease!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Democratic attitudes

How different is Nandigram different than Godhra? We- the educated urban middle class and supposedly socially well placed– were shocked and voiced dissent against Narendra Modi for allowing the “state sponsored” genocide but why is there almost a muted, indifferent reaction to the state sponsored genocide that is happening in Nandigram? A people’s protest against acquisition of their land is quelled and suppressed forcibly, a ruling party’s cadre which runs the State Government cordons off the area, goes on a defensive warpath justifying the action taken, the police is asked not to interfere and people are killed. Who cares?

What is the farmer, the land tiller, the landless labourer’s contribution to the national economy ? Why can’t he give (sacrifice) his lands for the national benefit – the benefit of the ‘public’ at large. We definitely need our bigger cars, our high rise apartments, our huge malls, the plush multiplexes, designer brands, boutique restaurants - after all, we work so hard in air-conditioned offices and contribute to the gross national product of the country being its educated class.

It is disturbing to note that this non-inclusive pattern of development is being pursued relentlessly, in most cases in an autocratic fashion, alienating the vast poor underbelly of the country; we justify this snatching away of their lands and forcing a lifestyle change on them without putting in place adequate opportunities and choices for the displaced. We demand and expect that such a class alone repeatedly pay the price for the development of the nation, the fruits of which are reaped mostly by the affluent.

Is n’t there something intrinsically unjust and unfair in such an expectation? Whatever happened to balanced sustainable development and the democratic process? Does it end with singing paeans to democracy ?

The Diwali News

Diwali is over and hopefully the glitz will end – for the various news channels. Dishing out inane Diwali fare with news hours virtually being converted into movie promotions, trailers, interviews with movie stars and wannabes on how they spend Diwali!

Sample this: Journalists ask the celebrities how they like to spend Diwali. The replies are on these lines: ‘A’ says she likes to light lamps and spend Diwali at home with her family eating sweets and bursting firecrackers. ‘B’, while lighting a flowerpot and wishing viewers of the particular news channel says she is against firecrackers! Incredible! ‘C’ goes on about how she always wears new clothes and performs a puja at her home on Diwali. How enlightening! (As we always thought people eat plum cakes during Diwali.)

An overdose of the ‘Six-pack’ Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan going ga-ga over “Om Shanti Om” (But, where’s the peace, good lord?), the other ‘Six-pack’ in a white towel in the “White nights” inspiration in an outlandish green/blue studio set with Venetian canals inhabited by a pretty lady running around pillars and the guy mooning over her! Of course, if all this did not significantly increase our awareness of current affairs, there’s still more to come. What did our other heroes a.k.a cricketers do on their day off ? Go and watch the latest Diwali release.

(BTW, the news channels have not yet run a show on the six-pack status of our cricketers.)

That's just what we missed a little bit!

Friday, November 09, 2007


Its all over the TV channels and hoardings across the city. The big launch of two star kids and a big budget Diwali release of the Hindi movie "Saawariya" (meaning beloved in Hindi) all over India and of course the rest of the world (thanks to our NRIs).

But I am greatly concerned. Concerned about how this movie would be received in the State of Tamil Nadu which speaks a language called Tamil. I wonder how the junta would react to the movie in Tamil Nadu and hope it does not end up like what it means in Tamil.

Such political incorrectness! Perhaps SLB should have asked some Tamil speaking person for an alternative title to release the movie in Tamil Nadu.

Some years back, while I was staying at a paying guest accommodation in Chennai, one of my roommates was from this place ("Ooru" she used to say) called Gobichettipalayam in Erode District. She did not know Hindi at that time and was not aware of Hindi movies/songs etc. So those being the Lagaan days, one morning I was humming the song "O re chorey" from Lagaan, moving to a high-pitched frenzy to "Saawariya…" as the lady singer goes in the song. Suddenly, this roommate sits up alarmed and asks worriedly "What's wrong with you ? Why are you singing this early in the morning?"

I stare at her for rudely interrupting my rhythm. And then it dawns on me- that very second.

"Saawariya" in Tamil roughly translated means "wish to die"!!!!

Good luck to Saawariya in Tamil Nadu!

Interesting signature line of a senior colleague :

"Speak less to the people whom you like most...Because if they can't understand your silence... they can never understand your words."

When would speech be considered 'virtuous'?
At the right time.

And pray what is the right time?
Only time will tell!


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blue Sky!

DISCLAIMER : The below write-up is an exceptionally talented piece of the “nonsense” genre. Any reference to a living person is purely and definitely intentional and coincidental. However, the writer refuses to take responsibility for any aftereffects thereof. One shall continue to read and get bored entirely at his/her risk.

This is all about The Blue Sky! Not just some blue sky but The Blue Sky. (Its important).

Aaaah! I so love it! The blue sky – in all its various hues and shades. Reminds me of a mobile service provider’s commercial which goes “green grass, blue sky…”

The blue sky with all the green paraphernalia too. Of warm, happy, sunny days filled with moments of fun, good cheer, mirth, delight, contentment, exhilaration, bliss....

But alas! The blue sky has become grey, cloudy, darker …And its starless, stark and barren now.... Reeking of Sorrow, despair, disappointment, frustration, misery, gloom, desolation, loneliness, forlornness, wretchedness.......

Goodbye Blue sky! Neele neele ambar par chand ab kahan aayega?

PS : To whomsoever it may concern : idhu poruma illa innum venuma ? Unnodu wish ennakku command!


One of my early posts was about her and her first meeting with her fiancee. She finally got married on the 21st October after almost a year of eagerly waiting and anticipitating this moment!

When she comes by to invite me to her wedding, she spoke about her dreams and how she was hoping her marriage to be a liberating experience. "I know it will give me lot of freedom, with responsibilities", she says, a tad philosophically.

This from one, who comes from a very conservative family, never went to college, is currently pursuing her graduation by correspondence, comes to work and goes back home by 7 PM, does not go out with friends (not even office lunches).

My fondness for her just keeps growing, kya karen! :)

Here's to you, dear AJ! Keep that beautiful smile on and may you find happiness in all that you do!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

“Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”

- Louisa May Alcott

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Some days are just so beautiful - stay etched in memory for a long time- all thanks to 'pearls' of moments which go to make the day. :)