Saturday, January 17, 2009

my big "O"! ;)

The world may be singing "Jai ho" but I am totally fida over "O .....Saya" (or this as well)
Drums (the train rumblings), eastern/african sounds, pacey and brimming with high voltage.
This number just stands out in the whole album for its sheer flow .. much like how the melting himalayan glaciers come rushing down the mountains to the northern plains!


And it got me thinking about Bose speakers finally!

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Santosh said...

Me too ! O Saya is so much better than the over hyped jai Ho !

A trivia i read some where is that Jai Ho was originally composed for Subash ghai for Yuvaraj, If it were really used there, it wud surely not have reached this fame !

Cheers !