Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A soap opera with a different twist

I confess I don’t fancy soap operas. But this one is different.
And well, like most soap operas, this also has the K element! (Thankfully, it does not start with it!)

The events unfolding in our neighbouring state has kept me engrossed over the past few weeks - a 100 % edge of the seat thriller.

My take on this : As Lord Acton famously remarked, Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Power like lust, is all pervasive and blinds the person to all raison d'être; makes you indulge in a self-serving game of constant deceit, one-upmanship and manipulation.

Its an abyss.


My Interview pick of the week : Karan Thapar (KT) interviewing Nawaz Sharif (NS) in London, it goes like this:

KT : So, on the 10th morning, which is Monday, Nawaz Sharif will be standing on Pakistani soil.

NS : Hopefully.

KT: When you say hopefully does that mean…

NS : Hopefully means Insha Allah.

KT : Is it in God’s hands or yours?

NS : First God and then of course in our hands.


Insha Allah, Nawaz Sharif did step on Pakistan soil only to be deported back to Jeddah.

Don’t know who had the last laugh though – God, Musharraf or Sharif!

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