Friday, May 15, 2009


Kick them.
Beat them.
Whip them.
Burn them.
Kill them.
Maim them.
Rape them.
Simply exterminate them.
And then there will be calm and peace and quiet in this earth after the scum of the earth (read: dirty people) will be eradicated!.
When the end is extermination and vanquishing a race per se, would the means matter?
To you or me or them?

So then with this eventual goal egging one on, everything and anything is justifiable, laced with aggressive intolerance, virulent chauvinism of untold proportions, a warped sense/knowledge of history, irrational pride. (?)

Leading to rabid hatred, blind intolerance and illogical conservatism.

The venom is spreading slowly but surely.
The future is unsettlingly scary.
The future is now.

PS : Soon to be heard : "And then they came for me" :(
But who is going to be left ? [or right] !

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what about US