Monday, April 13, 2009

the M in my life!

The dreaded letter in my life right now could only begin with - M and end with -E!
Before your mind whizzes to the rather obvious option, let me veer (its veer, not wear! Mind it!) the thought away to more lurid prospects.

With me every sleeping hour; every waking hour;
A juicy bite here and a blood drawing bite there,
no matter day or night,
whizzing and hovering around me, always, forever!
Any exposure would do fine!
I scream, I kick, I shoo, I slap...
But the act continues with alarming intensity.
I admit (am)bushed :(

Why can't the damn Mosquitoe prey on newer targets?

A case of low hanging fruit, maybe? :(



state of mind? said...

ha dit totally!!

mosquitoes r getting reaaly nasty!!!
so much so even i dedicated a blog post in their honour a few days back!!

Sharan said...

state of mind : Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your comment.