Saturday, November 25, 2006

She is one of the sweetest and innocent girls I have come across. Very pretty, charming and graceful, we call her the babydoll of our office... it was her fiance’s birthday today…She is a traditionalist and conservative to the core and has met her fiancĂ© only once (that too after her engagement)!

The day before, two of us in the office (another colleague and yours truly) give her ideas – basically a list of things she should do with “Him” (now – I already mentioned she is innocent, ok? ), places she should take “Him” (think straight again, folks) and gifts she should buy for “Him”.

Our lady is worried about her parents, her relatives, his parents, his uncles and aunts… no point going on, the list is endless!

She gives a shy smile and almost whispers, like a true bollywood heroine, “kisi ne dekhliya tho”?

I groan impatiently “ Come on! Its just one day! You are anyway going to be wearing your burqa! Who’s going to spot you?” And then we actually try to convince her to go without wearing her burqa!!! Bad strategy, so we revert back to the earlier path.

Covered in her Burqa and holding me by the arm, we march across to the Titan showroom in the crowded Brigade road at 6 PM and end up buying a beautiful silver colour watch for “Him”.

By this time, our lady is all smiles, blushing like a young bride, her eyes radiant with happiness. She is waiting for tomorrow…. We tell her to call “Him” at 12 in the night to be the first one to wish “him”. Her eyes light up even more! She candidly admits she never thought of this…. We tell her to bunk office the next day and spend the whole day with “Him” but no, the same problem… kisi ne dekhliya tho?

She comes to office on the next day, oops.. The DAY .. so beautifully dressed – big earrings, bangles, a bright yellow salwar kameez and high heels – the guys just cant help staring!

She tells me in an excited tone that she is planning to meet him in the evening and is all so excited!!

In the evening, she leaves for her big moment of the day and after a short while, I get a message with a smiley saying she met him and wished Him, gave the gift and went home with her brother!

Worse than 2 minutes noodles! (I would take more time cooking that too…)

To think those 2 minutes would bring a person so much joy and happiness!!!

Ah! The small things in life indeed brings us so much pleasure and joy! :-)


Huckleberry Finn said...

Hey there!!! Nice to know you have a blog! Nice writing too!

About small happinesses - as I was telling a friend today - more and more, I am convinced that happiness is quietly hiding behind trees in the mundane streets of the ordinary day, while we wait by the highway for it to come in a flashy red volvo bus from the big city.

Antara Mukherji said...

:) nice post